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8/2/05 10:44 pm - School!

So recently I have decided to get my act together and try to go back to school. I went to camosun yesterday and found out the program I would like to do still has seats left in it. So here I go trying to get myself in. One bad thing... I don't have bio12 which is a prerequ.... but they said that may be okay as long as I do it while I'm in school. So we'll see how this all pans out.

I'm just excited. School has seemed like a scary thing for me. Suddenly it is something that I don't even want to wait to get back into. I just want to be there.... STAT! Anyway up to uvic today to get a copy of my tanscripts. And where are my highschool ones!?

6/1/05 01:22 am

so... note to self... watch what is in the way when plugging in an electrical cord. Electrocution and electrical fires are not something that I want to be the cause of. Sparks are scary.

Onto another topic. Still awaiting the arrival of my income tax cheque. I am poor and am relying on that to get me through til next payday. Rent is due today, so there goes any money that may have looked to be in my account. Really, I just feel like quiting. Maybe moving home is the way to do this. I want to go back to school. However, I am so broke not in school, how am I supposed to do it when I am in school?

Grr.... this week has been a very negative one for me. I'm working on making it better. Trudging through anyway.... it's what I do best.

5/26/05 10:40 am

So...hot.... melting....

I got a bit of colour today... so nice to be able to be outside when it is nice rather then being stuck at work. I hope tomorrow is the same type of day.

I'm feeling so much tooth better. However, I'm having some separation issues over my hole. It makes me gag sometimes. I can't drink slurpees! They make my mouth hurt. grr.... That's my favorite summer thing. I better heal in time to enjoy my slurpees!

Umm.... had an interview at work today. Did not too bad. Have another one tomorrow. I dunno.... I seem to be sucking at them right now. I used to be able to nail them.... Maybe I'm just out of practice. Or maybe they are just ridiculous interviews. I know I could do both jobs. No problem.... but my problem is that I'm bored right now. I am feeling rather unstimulated. And I'm just hot. (temperature wise that is)

5/25/05 10:23 am - Whine whine whine.....

I have a big gaping bloody hole in my mouth. I'm really hungry... have eaten nothing all day... But I am having tooth speration anxiety or something....

There's now a hole where a tooth used to be. A bloody clot and I'm grossed out by it. the thought of eating makes me feel sick. Maybe I'll just slurp back some more jello. That seemed to work the last time.

5/24/05 01:58 pm

Tommorow is tooth day. I'm broke as a joke. I'm quitting smoking. I have no gas, and have to drive to Sooke tommorow. I just got my period.

Just when I thought life could get no worse, Brendan decided that he would give me my pot before I payed him. So at least I have one thing out of my list of no's.... everything else I'll deal with it as it comes along. I have 3 days off now too... so that's another 2 full days of keeping myself busy to attend to. I guess I'll be lame and do laundry and dust my room. I noticed in the sun today that everything is pretty dusty. When I was housekeeping the dusting was my favorite part of the job. that and bathrooms.... when they weren't urine sprayed that is. I won't get into details, but I saw some of the most raunchy things.... and it makes it worse that you do not know WHO'S filth you are cleaning up after. Or maybe it's better that it's anonymous.

umm... anything else I have to sya I don't feel like typing. I'm just sick of typing...

5/18/05 09:20 pm

I have an infected tooth. it hurts like a bitch. I had to go to the dentist. I think thta they know I'm crazy becuase while I was there, I started crying. I hate dentists more then anything else in the world.

Today for work I have to meet at Teas n' Beans for this bizzare and stupid employer of choice survey. I guess I get to participate in the home depot propeganda. Maybe I'll get some free coffee out of the deal.

I think that my stomache is all achy from the antibiotics. I hate antibiotics almost as much as I hate dentists.

I got a cowboy hate from texas! My mom got back yesterday and brought me presents. I had to tell her all about the party in between my toothache tears and my dentist fears. She told me that we must not have cleaned well enough because "the house still smelt funny". I'm pretty sure that it smells becuase there has been 2 males living in the house for the 5 days after the party. Crazy mom. Always something to complain about. But she picks out good clothing and cowboy hats! so I'm okay with that.

Ceilidh and Anna night tonight!

5/15/05 04:46 am

So let me update you all on the turn out of the party.... my brother let the word slip around sooke, so before I knew it there were 200+ people that turned out.... then the cops busted us. They were the only way I was able to get people out of my house. Then my friends came back and then more of my friends showed up, and we were still having a party! Although way different then the 200+ people that were there in the first place. All the young Sookies were nothing but trouble. Then we got busted by the cops a second time! They were threatening to arrest my brother and I.... and all the people inside. They made everyone leave and went in my house a second time. I'm not sure what my rights are in that case... they only came in the first time becuase I gave them permission.... so I guess they already had permission? I didn't tell them to go in the second time.. but man.... you know it was a good party if the cops had to bust it up not ony once, but twice! All in all I had an excellent evening. I kept going all night, and finally at 5:30 we walked back down the street (a few of us were hanging out at another friend's house) and went in the hottub.... mmm.... a good end to a fun night. I swear.... I blinked and suddenly there was a hundred of these young kids there. Blinked again and the rest werre filtering in. THEN people were still showing up while the cops were busting it, and afterwards. Nobody can say that I don't throw a crazy party. Alothough this one's result was hugly influenced by my brother and his big mouth. I hope he learned his lesson.... nothing was broken, and the house wasn't trashed. Just messy, and a crazy amount of empties. Regardless, I had a good time. Thinking back to it all I can do is laugh. At one point and went thrashing through the living room and pushed all the kids out of my way, turned off the music and strated screaming "get the FUCK out of my house!!". Some of them actually listened to me. Not enough to deter the cops though. They even called in cops from langford. Maybe I'll make it into police beat.... that would be highly entertaining. everyone who missed it missed one hell of a party. I'd never been to a party broken up by the cops before. Let alone a party broken up twice in one night. The cops were pissed. My friends (the ones left over after the first bust) were a lot more peacful to get out of there. There was talk of fines, and arresting my brother and I, but we managed to avoid those threats. It's just easier to comply with those type of things. Probably one of the funniest things is that the cops knew my brother and his friends by name! They all knew who I was, and when I first went to talk to them they demanded that I go in and bring my brother out to them..... I feel badass. I love Sublime.

5/11/05 02:00 pm

oopsies.... lost my drunken rant about.... well I wrote it before, and now I cannot remember. I still have 8 hours befre I even have ti be UP for work. That is the way to do things. If you are in bed at a certin time I think that any hangover is worth it. Funny.... When I don't drink and I go to the bar I usually try to go later as then I have enough energy.... when I am drunk, I go home early becaus I want to make sure I don't get stuck drinking forever because... well... I do that. actually... I usually stop when I hit that drink and I think... okay... not much more now.... That's my stop point. I hate being sick the nexy day, so if I drink, I make sure it's not too bad. Okay... so I'm chaty tonight and I am just typing as there is noone online to talk to. WHERE ARE ALL OF YOU???? it's only 12:30... why is everyone in bed already??

night people.

5/10/05 12:22 am

I know that my last post was directly related to my party, but I wanted to make another one just so that it is well known, and so that everybody comes.

Just becuase I might not have talked to all of you personally, I still think everyone who reads this should be coming..... I'm recruiting for a good time. I want to fill my house with people. Come to my Sooke Party! add me to msn if you need directions or anything.... faerydustsparkles@hotmail.com

Alright.... I think I have exhausted this topic... but.... COME TO MY PARTY!!!! PARTY!PARTY!PARTY!

5/3/05 12:03 am - PARTY TIME!!

Just wanted to remind you guys... Sooke Party on May 13th..... Come one come all! If your ready for a good party, this is your chance.....
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